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January 15, 2018

Genomics: Studying DNA for tailored patient care

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Genomics: Studying DNA for tailored care

Genomics Medicine is the study of our DNA make-up which allows us to customise and more
efficiently deliver a tailored care plan which is better suited to the individual. It goes against the “one size fits all” approach and recognises that we are all unique, both from a DNA perspective as well as our individual lifestyles, and to this end we need to tailor healthcare provision to better meet our unique needs for better health outcomes and more prudent distribution of resources.

Why is Genomics Medicine important in Healthcare?

The use of genomic information guides clinical care and enables us to better understand individual reactions to the same treatments and processes to better deliver more tailored care paths. This has been particularly important in critical areas of healthcare such as oncology where genomics is increasingly being incorporated for better diagnostics and more tailored treatment strategies.

Connected Health; The Path to Better, More Integrated Care and Health Outcomes

How can we improve Genomics Medicine?

Although medical advancements happen every day, most of us don’t get to see the years of research necessary to transition a new discovery to routine clinical practice. This is mostly due to the extensive time required to accurately validate research findings to ensure that any new medicine, technology or process is safe and fit for purpose. The study of an individual’s genome alone is not enough and the huge amount of data which is required to be analysed is slowing progress.

However, through the use of new technologies allowing for better and faster analysis of Big Data; this vital information is being more quickly analysed and as a result, more tailored treatments and care strategies are reaching the individual faster than ever before.

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