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October 19, 2017

Healthcare Tech Terms: What is Blockchain Technology for Health?

What is Blockchain Technology for Health?What is Blockchain Technology?

Traditionally used in finance, blockchain are cryptographically secured ledgers which was originally developed as the underlying technology of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. Blockchain has shown much promise particularly in healthcare, through the delivery of decentralized and protected networks.

Why is Blockchain Technology important in Healthcare?

The ability to deliver a tailored care plan for the individual which has been specifically designed with their specific DNA composition, life style and family history in mind; is heavily founded on the access and effective analysis of data/information. The data collected will involve both the individual in question but also the data and personal information of countless of participants in clinical trials and research projects.

To this end, the question of how to ensure the safekeeping of sensitive data and optimise cyber security remains one of the biggest challenges in modern healthcare. This is particularly difficult when multiple wearables, medical devices, systems and platforms are being used simultaneously, often resulting in concerns around interoperability and the effective collection of data.

Improving Blockchain Technology for Health Tech

Through blockchain technology, medical records will be cryptographically encoded, allowing patients to choose who receives access. In addition, the pharma supply chain can be more closely monitored through every step, from manufacturing to provider to patients. Blockchain technology also enables the continuous verification of data and subsequently can track every point of interaction with data.

Although the technology shows great promise, its adoption in healthcare is still new, but expected to provide a foundation for increased cyber security and interoperability in the health tech of the future.

Further Reading

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