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October 26, 2017

Healthcare Tech Terms: Edible Sensors in Health

Screenshot 2017-10-23 20.18.44What are Edible Sensors?

Edible sensors are built and designed to cling to the wall of the gastrointestinal track and thus allowing for continuous monitoring of your stomach’s activities, including how much food is digested, or measure atypical movements. When used to their full advantage, Ingestible sensors could provide a gut check for early signs on bacterial infection, look for symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohn’s Disease, monitor uptake of medications, and even study the microbiome living inside people.

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Why are Edible Sensors important in Healthcare?

One of the biggest challenges when studying the stomach is that an individual’s gut flora is as unique as their fingerprint. As a successful clinical trial relies on reliable and consistent data, this creates a particularly difficult situation in drug development, for example, as it is very difficult to provide conclusive and consistent results.

As edible sensors cling to the wall of the gastrointestinal track in a non-invasive way, the sensor can remain in the body for longer periods of time and as a result collect more consistent and reliable data of activities.

How can we improve Edible Sensors in Healthcare?

The use of edible sensors is still in its infancy, however the technology shows great potential and work is currently being conducted to increase the life of sensors by ensuring they can generate energy as the devices flexes and moves to allow for longer use and even better results and data collection.


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