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For Hospitals, Predictive Analytics Is A Necessity, Not A Luxury

Hospitals view the value of predictive analytics in terms of cases, accuracy, cost, and RO...

Addressing the Rise and Fall of Healthcare Consumerism Through Technology - Case Study by Mt. San Rafael Hospital

How has Technology aided both the rise and fall of consumerism in Healthcare?

What Hospitals Can Learn From Operations at Southwest, Amazon, UPS and Fedex

Hospital operations are, in many ways, like airline and airport operations and transportat...

The rise of the Healthcare Mega-Marketplace: 4 predictions on what it could mean for you

CVS is offering to pay $66 Billion for Aetna - a blending that could turn local drugstores...

10 ways Hospitals can Reduce Inpatient Census and Improve the Patient Experience

Reducing Length-of-Stay (LOS) and Improving the Patient Experience is now a major priority...

4 Components of a Healthy Digital Workflow

Why Make the Change to Digital Patient Onboarding? Where paper charts and non-digital reco...

The Anatomy of a Paperless Patient Onboarding Process

If patient experience isn’t yet a priority at your healthcare facility, it should be. Pati...

Healthcare Tech Terms: What is Primary Health Care?

Healthcare Tech Terms: What is The Patient Experience

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    Case Study: IBM-  Improving Customer Experience through Cognitive Watson Automation technology
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