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The rise of the Healthcare Mega-Marketplace: 4 predictions on what it could mean for you

CVS is offering to pay $66 Billion for Aetna - a blending that could turn local drugstores...

Redefining Success: Designing to Adapt in 21st Century Healthcare

Modern Healthcare has problems, and that’s our opportunity.  All healthcare organizations ...

Design Thinking for a Digital Future

No Disruptive Innovations can be made without understanding the client's needs. In today’s...

Healthcare Tech Terms: Edible Sensors in Health

What are Edible Sensors? Edible sensors are built and designed to cling to the wall of the...

Why We Need Health-Care Innovation More than Ever

As the health-care debate rages on–bringing with it a government shutdown–here’s how techn...

Healthcare Tech Terms: What does 3D Printing Mean for Healthcare?

What is 3D Printing in Healthcare? 3D printing, part of additive manufacturing, involves t...

Innovation, Not Insurance, Is Health Care’s Key

Digital Era technologies can offer better health for more people at lower cost. But, innov...

Using Digital Platforms to Transform Patient Onboarding in Healthcare: Case Study

We are pleased to provide our HealthcareTechnologies community with a Case Study from Ment...

Big Data in Healthcare: How Medical Apps are Supporting Healthcare in Developing Countries

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    Case Study: Mentis Neuro Health 

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    Case Study: IBM-  Improving Customer Experience through Cognitive Watson Automation technology
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