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June 04, 2017

IBM - Improving Patient Experience through IBM Watson Automation technology: Case Study

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We are pleased to provide our HealthcareTechnologies community with a Case Study from IBM on their developing Artificial Intelligence, IBM Watson. Click here to download.

IBM Watson is currently one of the most advanced forms of Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Tech industry. A question answering computer system, capable of answering questions posed in natural language, Watson was developed in the DeepQA project by a research team. 

Since 2014, with senior leadership commitment from IBM Global Business Services and IBM Research, cognitive automation solutions have been deploying over thousands IBM client accounts across the world, over 40,000 IBM practioners now are leveraging automation innovations in IBM services delivery, the team have achieved >40% efficiency and productivity gains across their global workforce as  measured in quantified labor hours saved and marked increases in key operational metrics.


WATCH: How IBM Watson Works




Executive Summary

IBM Global Business Services has created a powerful end to end automation solution, leveraging Watson technology. This infusion of cognitive solutions has introduced various innovations that have created and developed on the ability to automate manual and repetitive activities, promoting quality, efficiency and productivity for enhanced patient experience outcomes. In essence, cognitive business solutions has delivered the  following:

  • Utilised the power of Watson to answer end user questions and to resolve help desk queries;
  • Expanded the capacity of human staff by allowing virtual, robotic engineers to do repetitive tasks, freeing up resources to focus on higher value work
  • Resulted in the offer of an uninterrupted flow of automation, from cognitive query to triggering a virtual engineer to execute the work. Study: IBM - Improving Customer Experience through Cognitive Watson Automation technology

Download the Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence Case Study Now


 Download Case Study Now





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