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September 25, 2017

Healthcare Tech Terms: What does Technology Convergence mean for Healthcare?

Technology Convergence & HealthcareHealthcare & New Technologies are Converging.

In a connected world, industries across all sectors are looking outside of their own area of expertise to discover untapped business models and technologies, which can be transferred and used to add benefit to their own operations. 

This is the essence of Technology Convergence. As a single piece of technology can have multiple applications across multiple verticals, it seems only natural to review how these systems are being used and optimised across industries to identify similarities and opportunities for improvements.

What Does Technology Convergence Mean for Healthcare?

There are numerous potential technological crossovers from other industries. For example, the efficient management and scheduling of customer visit presents a key challenge within Healthcare. With the added pressure on staff and resources that emergency care delivery brings, on top of standard scheduling of care; customers are placed on continuously growing waiting lists. In this instance, it would be interesting to review what healthcare can learn from other high pressured, customer facing industries. For instance, is there anything healthcare can learn from the way technologies are used within the aviation sector to manage and schedule customer visits?

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Furthermore, as care providers are increasingly being subject to online reviews, achieving a high customer satisfaction is key to secure future funding and continuity of business. Few industries understand the importance of excellence in customer experience as well as the leisure and tourism sector. What can healthcare learn from companies such as Disney with regards to customer engagement, loyalty and quality of service? 

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How can we improve use of Technology Convergence?

One of the biggest challenges in adopting new technology in any industry is ensuring a strong ROI. Pilot programs can be instigated to test new technologies under controlled conditions in order to monitor likely returns.

Yet, with increasingly tight budgets, as well as concerns regarding liability and the safe use of data, care providers are understandably reserved in testing new pilots and systems.

For Healthcare, the ability to look for guidance from other verticals, and review the success rate of similar technologies being adopted in other industries, while looking deeply at how these new technologies may be adapted and hardened to meet data security requirements may uncover multiple undiscovered opportunities.

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