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September 28, 2017

Healthcare Tech Terms: What is Home Monitoring?

What is Home Monitoring?

What is Home Monitoring?

As focus of healthcare delivery shifts from volume to value, the individual is placed in the driver seat of their own care journey. Independent living, outside of the hospital environment, is a key priority for many, with multiple benefits for individual recovery, as well as easing demand on provider resources allowing for a better overall quality and flow of care provision.

Through technological advancements and connected healthcare, independent living is now possible through home monitoring, where the individual can check vital signs, administer aspects of their own care, collect data and send that data directly to their care provider without leaving their home.  

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So What does this mean for Healthcare?

The ability to independently and continuously monitor progress and development of one’s health can bring enormous benefits to the quality of life of the individual which in turn may have a positive impact on recovery and lifestyle management. In addition, through efficient home monitoring, care providers can ease pressure from staff and resources; allowing for a more streamlined and efficient delivery of care.

Examples of Home monitoring in health

A key example of home monitoring for healthcare in practise is the ability to check vitals from the home

How can we improve Home Monitoring for Health? 

One of the biggest concerns in healthcare today is how the industry can ensure the safe, efficient and accurate collection and sharing of sensitive individual data, when often multiple systems, platforms, wearables and medical devices are connected to the same person. With multiple stakeholders, the interoperability of technology and cyber security is a key priority. 

Furthermore, as independent control brings more flexibility to the individual, it also adds pressure in terms of consistency and accountability of data collection. Patient adherence to process and ongoing engagement in the use of wearables and medical devices remains a big hurdle for consistent collection of data.

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