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October 16, 2017

Healthcare Tech Terms: Computer Aided or 'Intelligent' Drug Design

Intelligent Drug Design in HealthWhat is Computer-Aided Drug Design?

Computer-aided drug design uses computational approaches to discover, create, and analyze drugs and similarly active biological molecules.

Intelligent Drug Design refers to tools which speeds up drug discovery, for example the use of Artificial Intelligence. Such platforms have the ability to better identify individual compounds which are more likely to succeed in clinical trials.

Drug design, with the help of computers, can be used at any of the following stages of drug discovery:

  1. Hit identification using virtual screening
  2. Hit-to-lead optimization of affinity and selectivity (QSAR, etc.)
  3. Lead optimization of other pharmaceutical properties while maintaining affinity

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 Why is Intelligent Drug Design important in Healthcare?

The traditional drug discovery process involves the identification of hundreds of compounds, followed by a subsequent elimination process where one-by-one each compound is further tested and eliminated until the correct/best matching compound has been identified. Due to the level of attention to detail and accuracy required in this process, it is often lengthy, resulting in delayed time to market, skyrocketing costs, and major delay for the consumer of new, crucially-needed drugs.

How can we improve Intelligent Drug Design?

From Leukaemia, Ebola to Diabetes, the initial phase in drug discovery and development can take years. Through the use of AI, pharma has the potential to significantly speed up the process of drug discovery, as well as lowering overall production cost.

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