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August 20, 2017

Healthcare Tech Terms: The Internet of Medical Things in Healthcare, Examples & Case Study

The Internet of Medical Things - Healthcare technologies

What is the Internet of Medical Things, or IoMT?

The Internet of Medical Things, or Healthcare IoT, refers to the connected infrastructure of medical applications and devices, that can communicate with a variety of new healthcare IT systems. Much like the Internet of Things itself, it is defined by online or cloud-based data interacting directly with typically 'offline' devices - in the case of healthcare, these devices can refer to implantable or 'wearable' devices, emergency response systems, or even virtual home assistants.

Internet of Medical Things Example: Wearables 

More and more devices designed to track health are becoming available with the rise of the 'Fitbit' and other Vital-tracking devices. From tracking steps a day, to monitoring blood pressure, these devices can then share this information via Wifi, either uploaded to the cloud, sent to doctors, or shared with friends and family.

Biometric measurements such as perspiration levels, heart rate, and even complex measurements like oxygen levels in the bloodstream are also starting to become available. Recent advancements may even allow alcohol levels, or other measurements, to be made via a wearable device. The power to sense, store, and track biometric measurements over time, and then share this data, is a key outcome with the Internet of Medical Things.

Case Study: Download the Internet of Medical Things Now

The Internet of Medical Things White Paper

The rise of wearable devices and remote information storage allows doctors to monitor patient conditions remotely - rather than continuous check-ups, this constant remote monitoring lowers hospital costs (check ups only occur when absolutely necessary), immediate remote consultations, and even remote prescriptions, when the correct information can be monitored.

Further to this, the Internet of Medical Things is growing to incorporate:

And much much more. 

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