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August 31, 2017

Healthcare Tech Terms: What is Primary Health Care?

Primary Healthcare in Medicine

What is Primary Healthcare?

In a perfect world, Primary Healthcare is being able to provide an easily accessible route to care, whatever the patient’s problem. Whether it be through online consultation, or seeing your local GP, Primary Healthcare is the first point-of-contact for a patient seeking treatment.

As Primary Healthcare focuses on accessibility for all, Primary healthcare advisors and providers are often generalists, who can offer basic advice on a huge range of ailments and illnessses, rather than specialists.

Healthcare Tech Terms: Patient Engagement

Primary Care and Healthcare Technologies

Since primary care practitioners often care for people over extended periods of time, the relationship between patient and doctor is particularly important. With regard to the rise of multiple new Healthcare Technology solutions such as Telemedicine, the opportunity is rising for primary care practitioners to maintain closer relationships with their patients through video consultations, instant messaging and more.

Impact of healthcare technology on Primary care providersThe impact of Healthcare Technologies on Primary Care Providers; The Commonwealth Fund

How Healthcare Technology is impacting Primary Care: 2 Examples

Key to being a successful primary care provider is the ability to maintain strong contact with the patients. However, in the past, overstretched providers have struggled to maintain good relationships and closely monitor their patients due to the time taken organizing appointments, and even geographical location limiting access. The rise of new healthcare technologies has improved access and communication for the provider and the patient, in particular through the rise of 2 key areas; Telemedicine and Electronic Health Records.


Telemedicine has almost complete consensus that it is a net positive for the world of healthcare. Just a few benefits of Telemedicine services on a global scale include:

  • Reduced waiting times due to ease of access
  • Convenient care for those that may be unable to travel to treatment centres
  • Accessible care for patients in disaster zones, where the risk of providing care could endanger doctors and nurses
  • Increased patient engagement and responsiveness due to ease of access

Healthcare Tech Terms: What is Telemedicine?

Electronic Health Records

An Electronic Health Record, or EHR, is a digital version of a patient chart. EHRs go beyond paper charts to offer a live, broader view of a patient's care. Beyond information that can be taken at an individual care provider, EHRs can include a patient’s diagnoses, medications, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images, and laboratory test results. The main value of EHRs, however, comes from the fact that they can be shared between providers over the course of a patient's medical experience.

EHRs are also designed to be managed in a digital format in such a way that they can be shared between numerous providers. This provides a broader view of the patient history, and a better patient experience overall.

Primary healthcare what is primary care


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Connected Health Reference Architecture

The Comprehensive guide to Connected Healthcare, from WSO2 

  • Key Drivers in a Healthcare System
  • Connected Health Reference Architecture - An Overview
  • Interoperability in Healthcare
  • Deployment aspects of Connected Care

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