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November 08, 2017

Healthcare Tech Terms: What is Digital Healthcare?

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What is Digital Healthcare?

Digital healthcare, similar to telemedicine, utilizes technologies to provide sports, fitness, and wellness solutions that empower patients. 

The discipline specifically refers to the use of information and communication technologies to help address the health problems and challenges faced by patients.

Digital Health also helps reduce inefficiencies and costs in healthcare delivery, whilst also improving access, increasing quality, and making medicine more personalized and precise.

What is Digital Health? Introduction from Paul Sonnier



A Few Key Elements of Digital Healthcare

Digital Healthcare is an umbrella term - there are many different aspects and forms that Digital Health take, including:

Artificial Intelligence

At base, Artificial Intelligence is the process whereby machines & ‘robots’ can exhibit logic or make decisions in line with that of a Human being. In healthcare, a key area of this can be in the form of diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and process automation. Read More 

Connected Care

Connected Care is the term for real time personal and automated communications between patient and healthcare provider. This could take the form of health indicator monitoring (e.g. heartrate monitors transmitting info back to the provider and patient), email communicated, online GP support/mental health counselling and more. The rise of Connected Care is streamlining the process of healthcare, as well as providing easier access to key information on the part of both the doctor and the patient. Read More 


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Connected Health Reference Architecture

The Comprehensive guide to Connected Healthcare, from WSO2 

  • Key Drivers in a Healthcare System
  • Connected Health Reference Architecture - An Overview
  • Interoperability in Healthcare
  • Deployment aspects of Connected Care

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mHealth is the term to describe the use of mobile devices in Healthcare technology, however it is also used to define other forms of wireless technology in Health. mHealth has become particularly prominent in the developing world, where Healthcare provisions may be sparse or over-stretched, but mobile phone usage is widespread. 

Uses and manifestations of mHealth can range from the use of mobile phones and other devices to educate users about medical care services or risk prevention to monitoring health, epidemic outbreak tracking and treatment support. Read More 


Telemedicine is a new way of providing health advice via telecommunications such as video chats and mobile applications. This health tech solution is particularly beneficial to those in hard-to-access areas, or in developing countries where there may be a shortage of accessible healthcare in a vicinity. Whilst Telemedicine has only become a truly viable option in the past decade due to technological advancements, it is fast-growing as one of the most widely used and invested in forms of Healthcare Technology.

What is Digital Health?

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Further Reading: Digital Mental Health

Digital Mental Health, whilst falling into the umbrella term of Connected Care, stands as its own category due to its sheer impact. As use of the internet, mobile apps and other technology grows, Digital Mental Health programs and services have grown and adapted to allow access to repeat prescriptions, mood monitoring and online counselling (or e-counselling).These new programs and processes allow for easier access to mental health services, more intensive preventative action, and more prominent exposure for helpful resources.

Digital Mental Health articles on Healthcare Technologies

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