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Technology Saving Lives: How Big Data and Predictive Analytics fights Hepatitis

Healthcare Tech Terms: What is Genomics? Definition

What is Genomics Medicine? Our Definition of the Term Genomics Medicine is the study of ou...

Connected Healthcare Reference Architecture

In a typical healthcare situation, a person would fall ill, go to the nearest hospital and...

4 Major Challenges to the future of Connected Care

These article references findings from a white paper provided by the Dell EMC team. You ca...

White Paper Introduction: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Healthcare

The Growth of AI, Big Data, and Healthcare This paper, 'Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big ...

Connected Health; The Path to Better, More Integrated Care and Health Outcomes

This article & white paper has been provided by the Dell EMC team. You can view more of th...

Healthcare Tech Terms: Big Data in Healthcare

What does Big Data mean for Healthcare? Big Data technology is fast becoming a catalyst fo...

Healthcare Tech Terms: What is Cloud Computing in Healthcare? The Benefits, Characteristics & Definition.

As a standalone definition, Cloud Computing is the process of storing files, data and reco...

How Big Data has the potential to revolutionize India's Healthcare startups by treating the hardest medical problems

Remote and continuous monitoring of a patient’s health has become possible due to technolo...


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