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Healthcare Tech Terms: Computer Aided or 'Intelligent' Drug Design

What is Computer-Aided Drug Design? Computer-aided drug design uses computational approach...

10 ways Hospitals can Reduce Inpatient Census and Improve the Patient Experience

Reducing Length-of-Stay (LOS) and Improving the Patient Experience is now a major priority...

Technology Saving Lives: How Big Data and Predictive Analytics fights Hepatitis

Healthcare Tech Terms: What is Interoperability in Healthcare? Why is it important?

What is Interoperability in Healthcare? In Healthcare Technology terms, interoperability i...

Healthcare Tech Terms: Medical Informatics

What is Medical Informatics? Medical Informatics, or Health Informatics, is almost the dir...

How Big Data has the potential to revolutionize India's Healthcare startups by treating the hardest medical problems

Remote and continuous monitoring of a patient’s health has become possible due to technolo...

How Technology and Big Data are helping healthcare research on AIDs, Diabetes, and Thalassemia

Modern technology like Big Data and Analytics is helping in the control and treatment of d...


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