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August 20, 2017

Healthcare Tech Terms: Medical Informatics

Medical Informatics, Health Technologies Definitions

What is Medical Informatics?

Medical Informatics, or Health Informatics, is almost the direct middle ground between healthcare and technology. Medical Informatics professionals take expertise from both the realms of traditional healthcare and information technology, to create successful outcomes and innovations for patients.

Health informatics is split into specialised fields: Organizational Informatics, Bioinformatics, Social Informatics, Clinical Informatics & Public Health Informatics.

Example of medical informatics analysisAn electronic patient charge, part of a Health Information System

Health IT vs. Medical/Health Informatics

As similar as the terms sound, Health informatics is not synonymous with health IT. Health informatics, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, refers to “the science, the how and why, behind health IT,”. Medical Informatics applies informatics theories, analytics and practices to achieve transformational health outcomes. This includes analyzing medical data and databases, finding patterns and key points of interest, and presenting them.

Case Study: Download the Internet of Medical Things Now

The Internet of Medical Things White Paper

Professionals in Health Informatics are rapidly growing in demand. ranks health informatics as the No. 1 job opportunity in an emerging industry. In fact, the employment of health information technicians is projected to grow 15 percent through 2024, which is more than 2 times the average growth for all occupations in the U.S.A.

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